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We are a full service gunsmithing shop. We offer services ranging from simple parts installation to full custom built firearms from the raw ingredients.

  • Browning High Power

  • Smith & Wesson

  • Colt 1911

  • AK-47

  • AR-15

  • Ruger

  • Remington

  • Mauser

  • CZ 

  • FNH

  • RMR Cuts and Slide Modifications

  • Barrel Threading

  • Bolt Action Fit and Chamber

  • General Mill & Lathe

  • Certified Cerakote Finishing

  • AK Builds from Parts Kits

  • AR Builds

  • Stippling/Faceting

  • Trigger Work

  • Frame Mods

  • Parts Modification

  • Parts Installation

  • Clean Oil & Safety Check

  • Browning High Power

  • We are the leaders in custom browning hi-power builds and modification.

  • Ruger MK-0 Package​​

   We take the Ruger Mark IV host pistol and tune it to run subsonic ammunition through a 2.5 inch barrel. Once the suppressor is attached it will create the customers desired overall length. A fiber optic front sight is machined into the receiver and Cerakote is applied as an upgraded finish from factory.

*Available for all Ruger Mark IV and similar .22LR Ruger Pistols

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